Imagining a World Without Hunger

Argonaut Productions created this film in collaboration with Lionmaus Media for Midas’ “Drive Out Hunger” Campaign.


The brief – To use cinematic and culinary technique to create a world where a child’s imagination could transcend their food insecurity. For every “share”, Midas donated a meal to Feeding America for Hunger Action month.

The film garnered over 700,000 views on Facebook alone in the first month.



260 attendees. 13 events. 9 guest speakers. 1 film. 48hours. (Phewww.)

Blank Rome’s annual “Partner and Principal Retreat” allows partners from across the country to reconnect with colleagues and clients to examine the state of their industry, firm, and institutionalize business practices. Argonaut Productions was approached to cover the weekend in a short film to be shown at the event’s conclusion, capturing and reinforcing the team-building, energy, and excitement of the retreat.

Our team had 48 hours to create a media piece that took into consideration the retreat’s constant and varied schedule. Client panels, keynote speakers, and a multitude of recreational and social events had to be distilled into a cohesive film. Originally envisioned as a highlight reel of retreat activities, it immediately became apparent to us that in order for this piece to deliver its full impact, it was critical to capture the voices and perspectives of the attendees.

Working closely with the marketing / communications and HR teams at the firm, Argonaut identified the key events and personalities important to the film’s mission.

We then organized these needs into a comprehensive shooting schedule and began to refine and isolate the messaging into three themes:

  • Convey the energy of the weekend, and the firm’s internal culture
  • Value of keynote speakers and client panel to business development
  • Reinforcement of retreat as a beneficial framework to partner and client engagement

As an added challenge we needed to find time to edit.

By creating an onsite editing studio, our team was able to shoot and edit footage concurrently, streamlining the process to comply with the rigorous timeline of this event. We created custom animations and transitions ahead of time in order to add production value and structure.

In addition, the client had the opportunity to approve visual messaging and get a peek at the overall concept in advance.

(We are proud to announce, that after 22 hours of continuous editing allowing multiple client revisions, we delivered the finished product with enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee and preview the film on the big screen with the IT and marketing team.)

At the weekend’s culmination, the film provided a way for the participants to walk out of the closing remarks (many with suitcases in hand) with a purposeful narrative of their firm and its direction, as told by their friends, colleagues, and partners.


I Want One! (or How Aliens Production Design Solved MōVI Arm Fatigue)

One of the pieces of camera gear that really created a sensation last year was the introduction of the MōVI gimbal system. It allowed complete multi-axis stabilization with a better form factor (in terms of arm fatigue and range of motion) than a traditional steadicam.

One of the best uses I initially saw was a Burton factory film shoot that allowed the Red Epic to float in an outstanding tracking shot. The viewer is carried through the action and narrative without having to ever cut from the fluid action. The camera moved through windows and up and down floors with a simple handoff to another camera operator.



Here’s a great behind the scenes film that shows how they made these shots happen…


There are tons of production companies using the MōVI (or other company’s versions of a 3-axis gimbal system) in film and commercial production. While using a MōVI last year, it became obvious to us very quickly, that while the stability is unmatched, arm fatigue is still a very real factor.

Then, in an email this morning, I see a new design for an arm stabilizer that attaches to the wrists and helps to dampen the camera weight.

I’m not sure this would work well, or if it could contibute to severe carpal tunnel, but it is a step towards a full Aliens Power Loader Exo-Suit.

And who wouldn’t want that?

here’s a link to the product site

The Heart and Mind of a Story


When we were approached by the JCC in Palm Beach Gardens to create a film for their special needs program, we talked extensively about the opportunity to create a moving profile of the program and the mission at it’s core. Part of the challenge to a case for giving like this is to connect with the story in an emotional manner while also recognizing the financial gravity of a program of this magnitude. The audience would ultimately be comprised of philanthropists that not only want to see the value of a full service special needs program, but also feel that it truly serves to help those families who most need it.

The brief was simple: Create a call to action film highlighting the efficacy of the JCC’s special needs program and how the support and compassion of the staff and donors has made it possible for the students to integrate into a mainstream educational environment and thrive.

The instinct of any good institutional development team is to create their case through donor testimonial, to depict the generosity of spirit that helps to create programs to serve as well as ensure their continuation and growth.

It was our responsibility as storytellers to examine the complexity of this task and the importance of the program. To tell the story from a variety of viewpoints.

This collaboration of energies brought together families, students, educators, and philanthropists to make a case for an inclusive educational program that could accommodate children with a broad spectrum of needs.

Some of the people we spoke to came with their stories of difficulty and struggle, some with stories of compassion. Some came with the organizational logistics and financial realities that cannot be overlooked.

Ultimately, we created a story that speaks to the emotion and pragmatism needed to inspire a new generation of giving.

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