Green screen for interviews



As is very often the case, when shooting a large amount of interviews for a corporate film piece, I am put into a large conference room to conduct the interviews.

The standard solution to the boring background is to put a sweep of seamless paper in a neutral color (black, super white, thunder grey).

While this is better than the natural environment, I also find the look to be antiseptic, especially when featuring multiple subjects.

I always prefer to shoot in a natural environment, but when efficiency is needed, I have resorted to printing modern office photos on backdrops and shooting subjects in front of that.

My current shoot was more demanding. The client didn’t know what they wanted to shoot against and the schedule was too tight to keep switching backdrops. To avoid the seamless, we opted to shoot against a green screen. This allowed us to decide on a backdrop after the fact.

The specific backdrop was a digi green fabric that took the light so well, I had to turn down my soft ring lights about 50% to expose properly. These lights are my new favorite toy and can be bought inexpensively at F&V.The LED is diffused and they draw so little energy and keep the room nice and cool.


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