GoPro Ad Makes Me Feel Like a Lazy $#*!

I am recently looking at quadcopters for an upcoming shoot to perform low budget aerial shots. The DJI Phantom has a GoPro mount that will easily house and utilize my GoPro Hero 2, but I’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing an upgrade to get the maximum resolution out of the newer generation of these amazing camera.

As if by sheer chance, the company has just released an even newer, sharper, lighter, smaller, awesomer version of itself screaming to me, as if by divine circumstance, “Come on and buy me, you know that older version sucks!” And it does, kind of, suck.

But do I need 4K video of what is usually a b-roll, wide-angle segment? Although an amazing price for the specs (My $7000 C100 can’t even do 60 frame slow mo, nonetheless 120, albeit at 720p), is the upgrade necessary?

Then I watched the promo commercial for the camera…   (please watch it in HD, it’s amazing)


Now, a new action camera is not the number one thing on my mind. It’s more of a running question of “Why are YOU not…

-swimming with whales?

-jumping off mountainous rock faces with a parachute?

-motorcycling across foreign countries?

-HUGGING A LION?!!? (go to 3:52 of the movie and tell me how you get that job)


This is not a lamentation, mind you, but a resolution to embrace adventure through the purchase of new gear.

After all, what good is an action camera without the action?


It may not be lion hugging, but to watch my old hawaiian scuba video with manta rays and turtles in grainy standard def is a shame. It’s an insult to the majesty of nature and the complex beauty of underwater animals.

I shall lead a high definition life.

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