Timelapse in the Round

A client of mine came to me a few months ago with the idea for a 360 degree timelapse for an event he was throwing. The shoot was for a chili cook-off in Orlando that would benefit The Special Olympics. Plenty of great food for a great cause and as luck would have it, one of the sponsors was a lawn care business with a cherry picker. This gave us the ability to get above the crowd to shoot our timelapse. Unfortunately the only geared mechanisms to rotate during a timelapse were made for telescopes large scale cinema and were pretty cost prohibitive for the budget we had. Not to mention they tied up one of our cameras for the whole day.

Philip Bloom’s amazing blog had a post about using an egg timer for this purpose and could support an iphone. I am more in favor of my GoPro and the weight specs would be similar. My only disappointment was that an egg timer only lasted an hour… I wanted to allow more of the crowd to build up at the event. The solution came through a forum post about converting a hose timer (2 hour rotation) to create a camera mount.

It turned out to a helpful tool (not so elegant though) and got the job done. (check out production shots below). I realized afterward that the top mounting could be avoided in favor of an adhesive mount if using a GoPro. As helpful as it was, we were limited to the autoexposure of the GoPro and the rickety nature of a DIY approach. It led us to the webpage of the (not yet available as of this post) Radian device by Alpine labs. http://radian.alpinelaboratories.com/

It has all the specs we would need for a DSLR timelapse in a small form factor with iPhone integration. Thanks to a successful kickstarter campaign, these units are currently being manufactured and it will definitely become part of my timelapse kit. Until then, my hose timer Frankenstein will have to do.

Clip is directly below.

If you want to see the final film and Joey Chestnut eat an insane amount of Chili, the final film is further down, below the stills.



Region capture 1

Region capture 2

Region capture 3

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